The Art

  1. Details about the show
  2. Introduction/It’s more than just getting a laugh/The secret of screwball is…
  3. The greatest ensemble cast in history

             Dave Foley
             Maura Tierney
             Phil Hartman
             Stephen Root

             Vicki Lewis
             Khandi Alexander
             Joe Rogan
             Andy Dick
             Jon Lovitz

  4. Masters of the mid-shot and the edit
  5. Physical comedy and the visual gag
  6. A singular idiom (or “Bitchcakes” and other mots justes)
  7. Morally expressive art
  8. The Family that plays together stays together
  9. Comedy as means rather than end
  10. Eighties Romanticism versus Nineties disillusionment
  11. Mayhem!
  12. Changes: Season Five
  13. How it came to pass that true greatness was not recognized in its own time
  14. Visions of the Third Cinema: An ‘open system’ of art
  15. Conclusion

Appendix: Episode Guide with Commentaries


Comments from the Authors

        Adrian Foo
        Sebastian Alvarez

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