Battle It Out In The Clash Royale Arena

The ClashRoyaleArena is an inbuilt feature of the Clash Royale Game. The game primarily involves dueling with others to gain trophies and glory in the arena. Challenges increase and become harsher as you go higher in the game. Strategizing is a very important part of the game.

The Clash Royale Arena has 11 stages. You can make your way through each stage and unlock cool new items. However, with each increment, there is also a risk of demoting down to a lower level of the arena. The various stages of the arena are:

  • Goblin Stadium
  • E.K.K.A’s Playhouse
  • Spell Valley
  • Bone Pit
  • Frozen Peak
  • Barbarian Bowl
  • Legendary Arena
  • Builder’s Workshop
  • Royal Arena
  • Hog Mountain
  • Jungle Arena

Unlock the mysteries

After unlocking each stage of the arena, you are presented with various rewards. They include cards, gold, gems and various other goodies. The amount you receive will increase based on the increase in arena levels. Arena chests are given which contain various cards and gems. The cards strength and rareness will also increase in further levels. The first legendary cards are found in P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse.

Strategies for better gameplay

Players must know that although there are 3 towers which the enemy uses, defeating the middle tower will be sufficient for being victorious. Keeping a variety of cards well strategized also assures the upper hand in battle as you will be able to face all types of enemy forces. Upgrading stronger cards first will also provide a greater probability of winning as higher graded cards have better health and power. These strategies will help both amateur and pro players in dealing with any battle situation.

Carry on young soldiers, and be at the top of the leaderboard with your ferocious collection of troops and battle cards.

Designer Handbags: Industry Behind This Fashionable and Useful Accessory.

Handbags and purses have become a basic necessity for a modern woman today. These accessories can be found in different shapes, sizes and make. A vast number of designers, as well as manufacturers, are working in the designer handbags industry to boost the variety and utility of these bags day by day.  Additionally, there are several area retailers too, whose chief business revolves around the trading of these handbags.

Though handbags cater to the needs of both, men and women, this accessory has mainly grown in the women-centric market. The reason behind this is the comparatively greater options of designs, sizes as well as colours for women relatively to men. The recession came and passed by, but there was no downfall in the handbags industry. All it has seen is a success and cut-throat competition in the recent times. This development is mostly due to the increase in disposable salary, increasing middle class, growing fondness for labelled items, hike in the online sale of products, and increasing number of rich buyers all around the world.

Growing trend of handbags- pushing the career of designers incredibly:

Designer handbags have already been recognised as a significant accessory in the world of fashion. They are now used as conclusion pieces in a woman’s dressing style. Their growth in demand has not only enhanced the earnings of retailers but has also generated huge revenue and scope of having a great flourishing career for many handbag designers worldwide. As the fashion and luxury standards keep improving, the demand for stylish accessories keeps flooding the market. Same has been in the case of handbags. The designer handbags industry has witnessed inconceivable highs in the past few decades and is bound to grow even more if the demand and fashion quotient keeps on increasing the way it has done so far.

Neck to neck competition:

Competition in the designer handbags industry has taken a huge leap of late as many renowned designers have started setting up their stores and showrooms to increase their sales and visibility. On the top of this, they not only store their own handbags, but also offer other luxury brands at discounted prices for better business outcomes. Europe is undoubtedly the largest market of this underrated industry. They trade their bags via autonomous retailers and expert dedicated chains. Other countries are also adapting to strategies and techniques of distributing their handbags to meet the performance of Europe.

Other than just picking the best designer handbags from the market to enhance your look, one can also do another thing to justify the hard work given to this industry- join it! One can create their expertise in the art of designing classy handbags and make a great living out of it.